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General Questions

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General Questions

Jul 05, 2018

Is I-Direct Broker trustworthy?

You can feel comfortable and confident when you let I-Direct take care of you, as we are the professional team with lengthy experience in insurance business which is various in term of categories covering customers in Thailand such as life insurance, health insurance, accidental insurance, critical illness insurance, motor insurance, and customer relationshipby specialized professional team with attention to every detail and honesty to our customers and business partners as an essential norm of our work with the concept “Sincere in every service”in order that our customers obtain the best experience of every kind of insurance service.

1) How do I choose an insurance policy plan?

a. Things to consider before purchasing an insurance policy:

  • Your required coverage
  • Sum insured
  • Ability to pay the insurance premium
  • Insurer

b. Purchasing an insurance plan from a broker

  • Advantages of purchasing an insurance plan from a broker can be found in several aspects including:
    The insurance broker acts as a protector of customer’s interests who selects and presents you a proper insurance plan from various insurance companies without contacting a large number of insurance companies directly by yourself. Consequently, insuring becomes easy and convenient. Apart from that, a broker has other important roles such as installment and claims follow-up.

2) Question-Answer about insurance policies.

a. Coverage and exceptions:

  • Coverage and excepts are in line with details specified in each policy. The policyholder should read to understand the policy and to protect your interests. In case of any queries, please feel free to contact at02-700-5222.

b. When will I receive my policy after application?

  • After the insurer receive the premium and agree to insure the insured., the policy will be delivered to the given address within 15 working days.

c. In case that I do not receive my policy, nor I lost the policy, how should I do?

  • You can receive copy of your policy by informing customer service 02-700-5222 without any payment. For some kinds of policies, service fee may be charged.

d. I cannot remember the policy number, but would like to know its status.

  • You can ask for the policy status at 02-700-5222, in order that we coordinate to check the policy status.

e. Who can be a beneficiary?

  • Typically, a beneficiary is the insured’s descendant, whom you can identify. Moreover, a beneficiary may be a juristic person, depending upon the condition and the insurance’s type.

f. Request for revision of information in the policy.

  • Revision of information in the policy can be requested by contacting call center at 02-700-5222. Our staff would be glad to give you some advice regarding details and documents for the revision.

g. Claims request

  • In case of accidents or obtaining medical services, Care Card can be used at hospitals in the medical network. For any inconvenient , please contact at 02-700-5222 during working hours and days, Monday – Friday: 08.30 – 18.00. If you have paid medical expenses in advance, please kindly contact at 02-700-5222 for advising about required documents.

h. Cancelling policy

  • Within 30 days after you receive the policy, if you consider details of your policy do not conform to your requirements, you can contact us at 02-700-5222, in order that we coordinate to check the policy status to cancel the insurance policy with premium refund; nevertheless, for some types of policies, service fee may be deducted from the premium refund.
  • For cancelling your policy after the free look period, please kindly contact us at 02-700-5222 in order that we coordinate to cancel the insurance policy and identify the date of termination, and then our staff will inform the premium you can make a refund.

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